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Press Locked Grating
Press locked gratings are usually made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium. However, other materials can be used if the customer so wishes.

By computer controll on the production lines, the bearing bars are notched and, at the same time, locked with the non-attenuated cross bar at very high pressure.

This particular production method guarantees a uniform precision mesh size.

The edge of the press locked gratings is banded either with T-shaped special section or flat bar. This process — i.e. where the banding is welded at right angles to and flush with the grating surface — is effected on an automatic bordering machine via resistance welding.

For those applications in areas where there is a danger of skidding or slipping, we recommend bearing bars and cross bars in the anti-skid design.

Maximum cross bar length
2900 mm bearing bar 2-3 mm
2300 mm bearing bar 4-5 mm

Maximum bearing bar length
Although production method does not set any limits here, in practice the length will be predetermined by statical requirements and unit weights.

End meshing
End meshes opposite one another are the same size. Customised solutions also possible on request.

Cross bar
The cross bar is inserted in the notches of the bearing bar and press locked into a stable structure at a pressure of 5,000 kN.

Stainless Steel in pickling finish
Stainless Steel in pickling finish
Press Locked Grating
Press Locked Grating
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