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Fencing System
Suitable for various applications, we carry wide range of fencing systems for selection, including posts, gates and fixing accessories. As well, we would take tailor-made per your design or just supply wire mesh only
High Security   Security
  Good for industrial, commercial sites, prison and boundry where preventing access by intruders is critial
  Used for industrial, commercial and retail sites to deter and prevent relatively easy access by intruders.
Barrier   Sports
  Suitable for school, parks, house and road to prevent casual access.
  Furnish surrounding for secure and safe play area, like Football Field, Tenise and Badminton Court, Playgrounds etc.
  Extensive range of gates for selection to suit the application and match up the style of fencing system.
Beama Fencing System
Beama Fencing System
Wire Mesh for Fencing
Wire Mesh for Fencing
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