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Viva Cement Board
Viva Board is Cement Bonded Particle Board or Wood Cement Board which provides to demand for multipurpose, durable, weather resistant, easy to use, asbestos-free, and economical building boards. It was originate in Europe in the early 70's to replace wood and wood-derived products in many construction applications.

Viva Wood Cement Board is produced by mixing fine wood particle, Portland cement and mineralizing agents. The mixed material is laid on carrier plates using a unique laying process. The carrier plates with the formed board mat are stacked and compressed using very high pressure to convert the formed mat into boards of required thickness.
Internals   Dry wall, Wall Cladding Sound and Fire Resistance Partition Ceiling, and Wall Lining Toilet and Show Cubicles Flashing Standard Wall Lining Flooring Column Casing
Externals   Prefabricated House Panels, Wall Linings, Facade, Roof Decking / Sarking,Tunnel Lining, Wall Cladding and Eave Lining / Soffits
Combining the Best Properties of Wood and Cement
  Fire Resistance:   Vivo Board passed BS 476 Part 6 and 7. It is classified as Class "0" material and the 1 hour and 2 hours fire rating test according to BS 476 Part 22.  
  Weather Resistance:   Viva Board is weather resistant because the wood particles are mineralized. Thus, it does not degenerate from the effects of moisture, rain, sun, or heat  
  Heat Insulation:   Viva Board has an excellent insulation property due to its wood content. Its K value is less than 0.125 W/m"c. It is energy efficient for both heated and air-conditioned area.  
  Sound Insulation:   With its density of 1100-1300 Kg/m3, Viva Board is an excellent sound insulating material.  
  Safe from Termite Attack and Fungus:   Termite does not attack Viva Board because the wood particles are immersed in cement. Fungi cultures do not develop on Viva Board because of its alkaline nature (pH Value = 12).  
  Easy Workability:   Working with Viva Board is easy. Most conventional wood-working tools and procedures can be applied. Dry process installation is quick and clean.  
  Eco-Friendly:   Viva Board is an excellent substitute for natural wood. It provides exceptional durability, prolonging life of construction. Using it also encourages reforestation program.  
  No Hazardous Content:   Viva Board is asbestos free. It contains no health hazardous contents such as urea formaldehyde found in other board materials.  
  Economical:   Viva Board is not only resonably priced but also light in weight and easy to work with. It will also help to reduce both foundation and labor cost.  
Cement Board for Interior
Cement Board for Interior
Cement Board for External
Cement Board for External
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