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Perforated Metal
Perforated metal has many applications, including decoration, signage, ceiling, screening, ventilation, protection, etc. We offers a wide selection of patterns, shapes, materials in different finishes.

Materials: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Copper, Galvanized etc.
Size: 3’x 6’, 4’x 8’or 5’x 10’ etc. or the size per the customers' requests
Specification: The hole size, pitch, in addition to the shown sheets can vary depending on customer’s need.
0.6Ø x 1.36P
17.6% open
0.8Ø x 1.55P
24.2% open
1Ø x 1.5P
34.9% open
2Ø x 3P
34.9% open
2.5Ø x 4P
35.4% open
3Ø x 6P
22.6% open
3Ø x 5P
32.6% open
3.5Ø x 5P
44.4% open
4Ø x 7P
29.6% open
5Ø x 10P
22.7% open
5Ø x 8P
35.4% open
6Ø x 9p
40.2% open
7Ø x 10P
44.4% open
8Ø x 12P
40.2% open
8.2Ø x 13P
36% open
9Ø x 12P
50.9% open
10Ø x 15P
40.2% open
2.5 x 20
23.6% open
3.5 x 21
48% open
41.2% open
6 x 20
37.2% open
7 x 20
71.6% open
5□ x 8P
39% open
7□ x 10P
49% open
8□ x 13P
37.9% open
small club medium club cross club    
Remarks: Other patterns are available upon request.
Perforated Metal for soundproof barrier
Perforated Metal for soundproof barrier
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