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Expanded Metal
Expanded Metals is produced from an continuous sheet of metal by expansion process to form diamonnd patterned mesh, available in raised or flattened format.

The process of expansion and slitting makes the diamond shaped pattern, as well as a numerous ranges of fasincated shaped meshes, which varies from minute gauze to massive walkway. Meshes can be very thin like foil or very weighty for heavy duty walkway.

The Mesh is formed from a single piece of metal
Low wastage of materials
Higher ratio of strength-to-weight than metal in sheet from
Anti-skid surface

Widely used in façade, walkway, platform, stair treads, banisters, security fence, guard wall of machinery, partition, barrier, enclosures, cable shelves, protection walls, cement straighten materials.

Expanded Metal for handrail
Expanded Metal for handrail
Expanded Metal for barrier
Expanded Metal for barrier
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