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Comb grating
Comb gratings are enclosed pressure locked gratings, with crossbars which protrude above the surface of the grating. The cross bars are pressed into the notched bearing bars on center-to-center spacings of 11,1 mm, 16,65 mm and 22.2 mm.

The standard spacing between the bearing bars is 100 mm, but can be varied to suit the end users loading requirements. The length of the span (the direction of the bearing bars) can be up to 500 mm. The gratings are designed for ”pedestrian access”.

Scope of application:
Meiser Comb Gratings are suitable for various applications:
.Facades, such as sun screens, drainage channels and air grills
.As ventilation grilles used in air conditioning and heating engineering, on inlet and outlet elements of air conditioning and heating units
.As covers for overflow channels, in swimming pools
Surface treatment of Comb Gratings 
. Aluminum, with decorative anodization (available in various colors)
. Stainless steel finish
. Galvanized steel finish, with powder coatings possible in many colors
Types of Bar Profiles:
1. Linear
2. Y-Form
3. Edged
4. Rounded Bar
Four Types of Comb Grating
Four Types of Comb Grating
Comb Grating
Comb Grating
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