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MinPlate / Covered Grating (FRP Cover)
MinPlate is a premium quality FRP flat sheet provided in 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" thicknesses. The top surface can be smooth or have a gritted slip resistant surface. For covered grating applications, 1/8" or 1/4". MinPlate is laminated to MinGrate molded and pultruded gratings to form a flat and corrosion resistant working surface. These materials are used for applications, where free passage of light and air is not desired nor drainage a requirement as in pit covers where reduction of corrosive vapors is needed.
MinTread® fiberglass stair treads deliver safety and long lasting durability. Manufactured with premium polyester or Vinyl Ester (V) resin, MinTreads® provide outstanding protection against corrosion and reliable structural performance. The important safety benefits are addressed with slip resistant surfaces, non-conductivity, and low flame spread. The most vulnerable point of a stair tread is the nosing. For greater durability, MinTread® nosings are high strength, heavy bars with slip resistant, gritted surface. With high structural properties, the heavy bar nosing provides greater stiffness and is more durable than a molded nosing.
Pultruded Stair Treads    
.Up to 48" clear spans
.Skid resistant bar nosings
.Skid resistant, gritted entire top surface
Molded Stair Treads    
MinTreads are also in molded sections, each with the heavy bar nosing.
  MinTread MS-1515 Molded Stair Treads
FRP Cover
FRP Cover
FRP Stair
FRP Stair
FRP Treads
FRP Treads
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