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Meiser Grating
Meiser gratings are usually made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium. However, other materials can be used if the customer so wishes.

Generally, there are two types of gratings – Press Locked and Press Welded in many styles for selections. They are good for walkway, platform, machine room, roofing, shielder, drainage cover, sun shield, etc. And the high stability and safety heavy duty gratings are used where large support widths and high wheel pressures are required, such as airports and trucks passages.
Press Locked Grating   Press Welded Grating
  Made of flat bars including regular Press Locked Grating, Ultra-Grating, Heavy Duty and Louvre Grating
  There are 2 types of press welded gratings, I-bar and Flat bar. Both the cross bar is twisted for steel and rod for stainless steel.
Anti-Skid Grating   Special Form Grating
  For different rates of anti-skid, four serrating patterns are available to meet the applications
  The gratings Barefoot gratings, Finned Grating, Comb Grating, etc. are in aesthetic design for the practicality of special applications.
Gratings for sun shield
Gratings for sun shield
Gratings for Walkway
Gratings for Walkway
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