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Non Stain Processing (NSP)
Non stain processing is a coating applied to the surface of stainless steel to prevent stains caused by fingerprints, dusts, etc.
In the course of the painting of stain resistant coating and heat hardening, NSP prevents the adhesion of extraneous substances and maintains the surface beauty and semi-permanence through only simple cleaning. NSP also functions improvement of corrosion resistance and the duration of surface finishes.  Most finishes, such as Titanium coating, Inco Color, vibration, bead blast, Satin, Hairline, etc. are applicable.
Range of Manufacturing
Material : SUS/AISI 304 and SUS/AISI 316 and other grades
Surface: 2B, Vibration, Bead Blast, H/L, #4, #8, Inco Color, Titanium Color
Thickness : min. 0.5mm
Sheet sizes : Max. Width 1219mm
Max. Length 5000mm
NSP has no marks after bending
NSP has no marks after bending
Marks after bending if without NSP
Marks after bending if without NSP
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