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Inco Color
- Electrochemically oxidizes the surface of BA, H/L, Vibration and other products and produces color by using the light interference phenomenon of film.
- After Depositing in a mixture of Chromic Acid and Sulfuric Acid and coloring of film,
- coat becomes stable so that product has far higher corrosion resistance when compared to 2B.
- Can produce Brown, Blue, Gold, Black, and other various colors depending on time duration of process. Repeated process can produce multi-colors as well.
- Drawback - Color is sensitive to mechanical properties of material and surface luminance so may cause slight problems in creating a uniform surface color.
Material : SUS/AISI 304 and SUS/AISI 316 others are available also upon request
Standard Colors: Brown, Rose Gold, Bronze, Gold, Black (Colors may different depending on surface or coil of the material)
Finish : No.8 Mirror, Etching, Satin Vibration, Glass Bead (Bead Blast), Art Polishing
Etching : Over 100 artistic patterns for selection
Thickness : >0.5mm
Sheet sizes : Width: Max. 1,524mm (5’)
Length: Max. 3,048mm (10’)
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