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Press Welded Grating
Meiser press welded gratings are produced from steel. The bearing bars (I-Bar or Flat Bar) and the twisted square cross bars are cut to grating size before the cross bars are locked into the bearing bars at a pressure of 1000 kN and - simultaneously - electrically welded at 2500 KVA. Into one unit.

In combination with welded cross bars, non-attenuated bearing bars make for high torsion rigidity.

Press welded gratings are banded with flat bars which, as a rule, will have the same cross section as the bearing bars.

One special form of press welded grating is offshore grating (O-SP-SS), details of which you will find on special forms of gratings. Due to the way the bearing bars are profiled, press welded gratings have a much enhanced anti-skid capability. Please see (anti-skid gratings).

Press Welded Grating
Press Welded Grating
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